Website Design & Development

If your organization needs a strong, reliable and effective digital presence, we know how to deliver.

More than just website or corporate portal design, Simply Design’s strategy is based on a “total design” philosophy. If your organization needs a strong, reliable and effective digital presence, we know how to deliver. While most companies focus on one particular channel, we work to understand all of your digital marketing in order to produce outstanding outcomes. Here are just some examples of what we can create:

  • Corporate Websites
  • Micro, Local or Target Websites
  • Conquest or Ad Campaign Websites
  • Customer & Consumer Portals
  • Employee or Partner Portal Websites

Corporate Websites

Your corporate website says more than the information that’s listed on it. From the moment a customer or consumer lands on your website, you’re establishing expectations of who and what your organization is. Controlling this process by having a creative design and deployment is a must. We develop your website using several different types of main programming bases, platforms and CMS’s. From custom design & coding, to in-house maintainable websites, our team will work to make your department’s dream come true while keeping the company’s goals in focus.

We’re excited to offer:
  • Multiple CMS Capabilities: closed & open source platforms
  • Multiple Programming Languages & Skills
  • Design or Deployment: we can design your site and/or deploy to match your team’s needs
  • Ongoing Support & Training: from dedicated, elaborate support to simple “Help Desking”

Micro, Local or Target Websites

As a larger organization, it’s harder to be in all places at once. Though maintaining a perfect corporate website is part of your daily tasking, supporting micro or targeted websites might not be possible due to time or resource conflicts. Trust Simply Design’s team to provide an extra set of hands to develop and deploy these websites. Either working directly with the marketing team or with third-party “boots on the ground”, Simply Design can create and manage the right option to make this undertaking simple and effective.


Simply Design does Targeting by:
  • Creating local websites for franchisees or multi-location businesses
  • Designing and implementing landing page websites
  • Executing remote domains for large scale e-blasts without blacklisting risk
  • Create PURL based websites for direct mail campaigns

We Can Create

Conquest or Ad Campaign Websites

Whether for a temporary promotion or a specific advertising campaign, these small, time-period based websites can be deployed quickly and removed when they’re no longer needed. This added flexibility to create, deploy, and remove websites rapidly will allow your team to create time-specific offers without the risk of having past promotions come back to haunt you. If your team works with these Flash Promotions for improving temporary sales figures or revenue, you’ll appreciate Simply Design’s approach to always having your next project ready for deployment!

We do Temporary Campaign Websites by:
  • Creating outlets that can be quickly setup or removed
  • Allowing for tracking & providing top analytics information
  • Designing with conversion tracking, call tracking, and lead tracking in mind

Customer & Consumer Portals

With more customers visiting websites to pay bills or access account information, customer portal websites have exploded in popularity. With this expansion, security risks and concerns have also expanded, to the point of having almost daily breaches of customer data. Trust Simply Design to give you real world, current advice on how to design and deploy these complicated websites. Beyond just doing the work, you can trust our team of experts to give you the facts regarding your next portal.

Simply Design creates Custom Portals by:
  • Evaluating all risk factors before designing
  • Designing web portals to limit exposure for possible breaches
  • Deploying to a series of customers instead of All-in-One deployments

Employee or Partner Portal Websites

More than ever, employees are accessing company information from almost every point imaginable. To help aid this access, many companies are setting up employee portals or intranets that allow for off-line and on-line access to information. These portals, while very helpful, can represent a serious risk for information loss or dispersion on many levels. Beyond basic employee information, company and proprietary data can be compromised if not protected completely. Trust Simply Design’s team to create and implement the right system for your team.

We create Employee & Partner websites by:
  • Beginning with access protocols and procedures
  • Safeguarding employee and critical data
  • Ensuring backup & rejection systems are in place
  • Design to delivery implementation for all services