SEO, SEM & Digital Maintenance

Unlike decades past, online and digital based marketing outlets are in constant need of updates, enhancements and optimization. From Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, to periodic updates and maintenance, Simply Design’s team has hundreds of recurrent customers that each have a unique Service Level Agreement tailored to their individual needs. Our ongoing clients benefit from our team of designers, programmers, copywriters and strategists working in their favor every day. Here are some of our continued efforts for clients:

Search Engine Optimization

If your website receives 5,000 or 5,000,000 visitors per month, Search Engine results matter. In order to gain more traffic, and consequently more customers, your company needs to appear in the best positions possible in search engines. This long-term, work-intense process begins with comprehensive research and ends in positive results. One of Simply Design’s largest teams is comprised of SEO experts, copywriters and programmers that spend countless hours daily making sure every client’s site is ranking well nationally and locally if needed.

Simply Design’s SEO team has been nationally recognized and awarded for its outstanding quality and has even participated in the industry’s highest advisory boards based on its outstanding results in the industry!

Here are a few ways we do SEO:
  • Research keyword, content and current website health
  • Revise or redesign websites to be compliant and search engine friendly
  • Begin revising & retagging website’s Meta information
  • Backlink & local building to create change on both fronts
  • Evaluate and constantly work to increase traffic and conversions

Search Engine Marketing & Digital Advertising

More than just paid text search or basic display ads, Simply Design produces some of the best industry results when it comes to dynamic, online advertising. Our digital ad programs use multiple platforms, both standard and premium to reach almost any customer on any device. From basic text search ads like Google AdWords or BingAds, to enhanced, fully dynamic ads that can reach customers subscribing to premium content, Simply Design can deliver your message to the appropriate audience.

Simply Design was one of the original Google Partners & Engage Agencies, and has even been a part of Google’s Elite “Pre-Credit Company” programs.

Here’s how Simply Design approaches large scale Search Engine Marketing and Digital Advertising:
  • Develop a full-scale, researched strategy for best ROI before placement
  • Use partnerships with search engines & placements to conduct ad testing at reduced costs
  • Update strategy & plan yearly or quarterly deployments with focus on ROI
  • Link website and/or landing platform for maximum tracking & data collection
  • Implement re-targeting & multi-device pixel tracking for full-scale solution


Professional SEO takes your website’s performance to the next level.

Ongoing Maintenance & Updates

As a medium to large sized organization, you have constant needs and updates that need to be made on your digital outlets. From basic security and housekeeping tasks to content and promotional changes, this type of ongoing maintenance often becomes a burden. Instead of putting off these critical updates, why not get ahead of them and stay on the forefront to ensure your site is always current and streamlined? Simply Design’s team works with hundreds of websites and keeps both software and scheduling updates current by cataloging and using unique scheduling tools to make sure things are getting done.

Have tons of updates that need to be made on a monthly basis? We completely understand! Simply Design’s HelpDesk traffics and coordinates all of your changes with our staff so that every promotion, content change, blog update and outreach effort is up-to-date.

Here’s how Simply Design does Ongoing Updates and Maintenance:
  • Begin with a calendar and scheduling based update plan
  • Use advanced software to constantly check for core & CMS updates
  • Offer HelpDesk plans to allow anyone in your organization to send changes to our team
  • Provide “Check Off” accountability for large teams for approval on changes
  • Schedule promotional & AdTrackers so nothing gets orphaned or left behind

Social Media & Community Marketing

When it comes to social media, your brand has its own heartbeat that resonates with your customers and partners. Out of respect and understanding for this unique bond and outlet, we work every day to provide a solution that makes managing these channels easier for your team. Whether your organization wants to do some, all, or absolutely no social media interaction, Simply Design can customize a specialized plan that will develop a following of customers for your business.

No matter what the outlet, Simply Design has the team to manage it. Need help on your customer outlet for Facebook or Twitter? How about Pinterest or Houzz? Our team has done it all and knows the best way to post, promote, and gain a following that will help your company grow!

Here’s how Simply Design does Social Media and Community Marketing:
  • Begin by researching current goals for customer involvement
  • Setup “Stop Gaps” for bad posts or reviews
  • Setup “Post & Review” rules for all accounts for approval at management level
  • Create social calendars including graphic and linking plans
  • Develop paid or promoted methods for driving increased engagement and likes
  • Develop an analytic plan to chart and evaluate effectiveness