Retail & Consumer Products

Our team can increase visibility and bring you to the forefront of customer focus.

In the massive arena of consumer and retail products, there’s always another way to reach and engage customers. With consumer electronics and consumables, customers are now researching and reviewing more than ever. If products are under-developed or haven’t reached maturity in the marketplace, our team can increase visibility and bring them to the forefront of customer focus.

Consumer goods and electronics encounter several challenges, from outside competition and third-party websites to counterfeit products. This is what makes this part of the business market the most difficult to crack. Overcoming these challenges involves creating a dependable plan to proactively address problems before they arise.

Consumer Review Websites & Outlets:

In today’s world of readily available information, almost every consumer will visit review outlets. Whether this is a third party blogger or a large, consumer-based review site, Simply Design helps products develop their space in a market. It’s more than just sending review requests at random; our system to develop consumer reviews uses statistics and a large, proprietary directory created by Simply Design to generate solid, reliable reviews that conform to national standards for Truth in Advertising review processes.

As one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube is accessed constantly to find user videos of product reviews or “unboxings”. Not by random chance, these videos are a crucial step for consumers to understand how a product functions before ordering it from an e-commerce platform. These types of videos can either take the form of a polished corporate video, or an amateur video from an actual consumer unboxing the item, allowing other customers to see products in a real fashion.

Product Review Videos & Review Accumulation:

Product Re-Launches & Promotion:

When a product line has gone stale, it’s time to re-launch or re-promote. Simply Design has always used a special blend of inbound and outbound tactics to re-launch a product to an existing or wider audience of customers. With invigorated effort and focus towards digital and video advertising, as well as social promotions, a re-launch can help surge numbers and re-introduce excitement for a specific product.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a great one is worth a thousand more, especially for business. With our in-house product photography studio, Simply Design excels at photographing small to medium sized consumer items. Our team of trained specialists has dozens of years combined experience and specific knowledge of how to arrange shipping, secure and bond/insure deliveries, return company items, shoot, and post-process. This worry-free solution to product photography means your company will have access to a massive depository of timeless photos that can be used for years to come. If you have a product that’s not quite ready, our phenomenal 3D animation team will happily convert your mechanical or design drawings into an incredibly life-like 3D model.

Product Photography & 3D Rendering: