Business to Business (B2B)

No matter what category or type of business you’re in, gaining leads and prospects is by far the most crucial part of your business.

Unlike consumer marketing tactics, Business to Business marketing requires a much different approach. With a different buying cycle, different proportions of customers, and the importance of reaching the right target, your B2B digital strategies have never been more imperative.
No matter what category or type of business you’re in, gaining leads and prospects is by far the most crucial part of your business. Once you do reach these decision makers, making the sale and maintaining the relationship is a must.

Managing Total Online Presence:

While a consumer might not look much past a website or social media page, true Business to Business customers are going to want information and great, professional marketing before making any buying decisions. By starting with a complete online presence, you’ll have peace of mind that your company is well represented on the internet. Beyond creating and updating websites and social media, it’s important to have a solid, relevant online presence in every possible listing and reference base.

You’ll find that a significant portion of your customers have highly developed digital capabilities, and this makes it necessary to upgrade, and often. Tired are the old ways of sending PDF’s and spec sheets to customers, the companies that are closing customers faster and more efficiently are using online tools and training to help customers make buying decisions. From online based proposals and contract systems, to advanced customer portals, your customers will appreciate the ease of working with you and are likely to remain loyal for years to come.

Online Sales Collateral:

Automated Sales Tools:

If your organization has any type of sales team, you know that customer follow-up is crucial to winning deals. Instead of tirelessly nagging or setting up obsolete systems, Simply Design’s team can help identify the right tools and vendors to make your sales process simple, automated, and therefore successful. You only need to implement one bad solution to realize that seeking assistance to help you find the right resolution would have saved your time and money. Our team will guide you in these processes to make your team perform at its maximum.

Any professional organization needs customers to survive. These customers come in the form of leads which can come from many different sources throughout the internet. While every organization is different, they all share a global requirement for these leads. Simply Design has worked with thousands of paid, un-paid, and organic lead generation tools. With our experience, we can find the perfect tool for your organization. Have a niche product? Perfect! We can create an out-reach tool using a combination of solutions to get the users you need! Have a general market product? Let us help you avoid wasting time with the wrong prospects by filtering and qualifying for you!

Lead Generation: