Animation &
Motion Graphics

Whether you’re trying to explain a complicated new process or want to make an animated character or video series, Simply Design’s animation team can create your project from start to finish. Beginning with concept and script creation, storyboarding and planning, design, voice, and final production, our talented team of animators will produce a completely animated feature or series for you to use or publish. Series type videos are popular in education or client acquisition as they make a complicated theory or product seem more approachable.

Animation and motion graphics are becoming the standard for marketing through websites, digital outlets and even internal training. Trust Simply Design’s team to deliver by:

  • Writing, creating and developing scripting and story-lining
  • Developing storyboards, characters and 2D or 3D Designs
  • Creating the animated series, voicing and full integration
  • Finalizing design & completed series by approval
  • Using advanced, proprietary render farms to render work at faster speeds

Product, Structure or Architectural Renderings

From device or production manufacturers, to home builders and commercial developers, 3D renderings are the way of the future. Without having to spend huge amounts of money, companies are now able to produce an almost exact, digital replica of products or structures without having to actually build them. Using simple CAD or design files, Simply Design’s team can convert these files into a full, 3D representation you can use to market and visualize your product.

Product and structure rendering save both time and money by being able to visually see every angle, both in and outside of products. Here’s how Simply Design approaches it:

  • Coordinating design & marketing departments to receive needed design files
  • Conduct kick-off meeting to coordinate deliverables & final goals
  • Begin design process; provide continual check-ins for product accuracy
  • Used dedicated render farms owned by Simply Design to decrease turn times
  • Deliver & post final interface for total interaction & 3D modeling studios