Service-Based Businesses

If you’re a service business, your first impression is everything to a customer. Trust Simply Design to help you put the right foot forward.

In an organization that’s based only on a customer’s experience with your company, every touch-point is essential. From the first visit, to your online presence, to their follow-up phone call, experience is everything. Simply Design works to understand your service-based business and its unique needs. Often times, your digital marketing is the most tangible part of the buying process and we know how to use that to your advantage.

Competitive Correction:

Most service based businesses have a lot of competition. Whether these are large national companies or small, local businesses, it’s critical to know where the greatest threats and opportunities lie. By first analyzing and correcting the issues that allow competitive market share to slip by, we’re able to make better decisions regarding action. More than just useless reports and automation, our team will actually place an incognito buyer call to various rivals to learn their sales and closing procedures as well as generate a price comparison list to best position your company in different marketplaces.

Most service based businesses have two types of clients: short decision & long decision. If your business primarily relies on emergency calls, you’ll need to evaluate how to be present in every market 24/7. On the other side of the spectrum, if your business is a higher-ticket, longer decision time type of service, more information and much more targeted advertising/search results will net more customers over the long run. While both markets have their pitfalls and potentials, we want to develop these segments to help your business grow.

Digital Marketing Funnel:

CRM & Customer Contact:

Once a customer decides to take the next step, it’s all about tracking the prospect. From gathering data and creating the flow, to closing the deal with the customer, every part needs to be in place. We’ll help you create and refine these processes through your existing systems. Imagine: a prospect calls your business and they never get a follow-up. They are left feeling forgotten, unsatisfied. This deters customers and ultimately results in lost revenue. Unless you have the proper processes in place, you’ll join most service businesses that only close 23% of call-in traffic.

A customer who’s had a good experience is five times more likely to tell a friend or family member, so why not increase those odds? With Simply Design’s processes and technology, you’ll be able to capture more positive customer reviews and referrals, bringing your business more money in the long run. Because you’re already paying lead generation costs for each customer, it’s important to cut that cost by utilizing your existing network of customers.

Reviews, Referrals & Recommendations: