Consumer Outreach

Whether your company produces a product that you need customers to engage with or a service your customers will review later, it’s all about generating exceptional content that customers can identify with from the start. This process can be very difficult as companies always need to conform to government guidelines regarding Truth in Advertising, while still offering distinctive content that customers can use to make buying decisions. To approach these challenges, Simply Design breaks these areas into the following three disciplines:

Content & Article Creation

Creating diverse content about your company, its products, or new offerings can be extremely difficult with the perspective that a third-party author can provide. Simply Design’s team of content and copywriters creates high-quality, original content that can be used in a variety of channels. Need ongoing articles and write-up material for your company? Even better! Simply Design’s team can schedule new and exciting content for seasonal, promotional and holiday events that keep your company looking active and up-to-date!

Simply Design’s content team was born to write, and here’s what they do:
  • Begin by researching and conducting kick-off meetings to discuss content needs
  • Creating content calendars which work to keep a schedule of content
  • Constantly evaluate effectiveness for search engines and customer engagement
  • Post content and links to content on social media and/or release websites
  • Produce suggested content based on what’s currently engaging customers

Reputation Monitoring

If your company provides either a product or service to consumers, you’re likely faced with the possibility of receiving a good or bad review. These reviews, either on a local or national level can hurt or help your brand immensely in search engines and customer mindsets. Monitoring the entire internet for mentions or reviews of your brand is practically impossible without special monitoring software or a full-time team trained in these areas. Beyond just finding these reviews, Simply Design’s team is trained to respond in ways that alleviate hostile online backlash and prevent further issues.

Here’s how Simply Design undertakes Reputation Monitoring:
  • Begin by conducting a full analysis of current reputation status
  • Efficiently begin claiming all review based websites
  • Respond to past reviews to show company engagement and caring
  • Setup ongoing alerts for new posts using specialized software
  • Create response rules for auto or approved staff responses

Review Generation

Gaining product or company reviews can be extremely difficult in today’s busy world. Customers who had a great experience usually don’t bother to leave their positive reviews, while customers who’ve had a bad experience will line up to post negative ones. This psychological dynamic has led Simply Design’s team to create a specialized proprietary system that will work to filter and promote the generation of good reviews from customers, while directing customers who haven’t had positive experiences to other sources so they may contact your company directly, cutting down the chances for bad online reviews.

We consider Review Generation a top priority, and one of our greatest achievements. Here’s how we do it:
  • Evaluating all review channels and status of current landscape
  • Creating “Review Micro-Sites” with unique “Review Funneling System”
  • Implementing printed or mailed review booster cards
  • Continually monitoring review channels to find bad reviews
  • Updating policies and internal strategies monthly to build more reviews

Product Review & Unboxing Outreach

Consumer reviews and actual third party product overviews can be very tough to arrange and compile. Though this avenue of customer engagement is one of the least utilized by companies, Simply Design’s keen approach and network of individuals and blogs can yield tremendous results in a short amount of time. Because most consumer products are reviewed by often-times amateur video reviewers or bloggers, these types of “overview” or “un-boxing” videos can be very helpful for consumers who want to learn about your product.

Though the rules and best practices governing the use and payment for these types of reviews vary, Simply Design works to stay completely above-board and transparent in our use of these networks. Our providers seek avenues of content generation and the ability to report or review products on the “bleeding edge”. By granting access to our customers and their products, a great working balance is maintained.

If you have questions or would like to submit your product to our consumer network, please contact our Consumer Review Team, a specialized team in our Albuquerque headquarters that marshals these resources.