Video Production & Editing

Since the introduction of moving images with sound into mainstream culture, videography has revolutionized the way humans communicate and the way businesses connect with customers. Whether filming a product, a series explaining your company’s distinct selling points, or producing animated or rendered files to demonstrate a prototype device, video is the way to display it. If your company needs to take or make an image to the next level, Simply Design has almost every conceivable type of video production, editing, animation and motion graphics capability and we’re excited to help bring your ideas to life.

When it comes to finding high-quality, professional facilities and outlets to shoot, edit, and produce great video series, commercials or vignettes; most companies are stuck with whatever is close to their headquarters. This method of “close is good enough” frustrates most large scale companies that need great production skill and a quality business that delivers results in a timely manner. Simply Design can either fly to a company, shipping its gear with our team, or we can coordinate the logistics of bringing talent and your team to us. From organizing travel to arranging for make-up and wardrobe, our team will facilitate the entire shoot.

When it comes to equipment and facilities, Simply Design has invested in some of the top, regional facilities and offers completely in-house use of gear and iso-sound booths and video studios. Here’s how you can count on Simply Design to deliver video production & editing:

  • Full-time videographers and edit bay technicians on-staff
  • Full video studio, complete with Chroma key capabilities for sharp production
  • Cinematic quality production equipment (Call for a list of our production equipment!)
  • Two, dedicated edit bay facilities with top line controller capabilities
  • Fully shippable & travel case ready equipment stable