Our Team

Our agency was created with the customer in the center with our professional team on all sides, because no matter the company, industry, or size, the client and their needs are at the core of what we do.

Our team structure was created specifically to streamline all processes, ensuring the customer gets timely communication and results. Even though we have specialized fields, there’s no hierarchy here. We’re a team, and here we are:


Operations & Accounting

Responsible for guaranteeing all client requests, needs, and day-today expectations are met. Follow through and follow up is the war cry of the Operations & Accounting Department, letting you and everyone else know they won’t stop until all questions have been answered and all deadlines have been met.

Client Support

Be it phone, email or handshake, this team is never too far away for a meeting or to bring novel ideas to a client relationship! We’ve never met anyone more excited to meet new people than the charismatic individuals that make up our Client Support Team.

Visual, Motion & Graphics

Where art meets client. We don’t stop at just design and graphics—that would be too easy. Our radical approach to production involves the incorporation of almost every discipline in our team of specialists. Because whether a client wants a redesigned business card or a 3D animated video, we think they should get it.

Programming, SEO
& Content

When it comes to making function match form, our Programming, Optimization & Content teams are able to read, write, and produce code as well as content, drastically influencing an online opinion like none other— and not because it’s their job, but because it’s what they love to do.